Kremer & Co. is a law office specializing in commercial law, intellectual property and litigation.
We accompany businesses, commercial companies and individuals in establishing the legal infrastructure suitable for their needs and that best protects their interests in the business environment in which they operate, and in general.
The office is well acquainted with the arena of internet, and the world of modern trade and entrepreneurship, and has wide experience in managing legal proceedings in complicated and large-scale cases.
The knowledge and experience our office has gained in the field of intellectual property along with the knowledge and experience our office has gained in the field of commercial law, enable us to provide businesses and companies with optimal legal tools to create a successful solution to the challenges they face in the modern business environment, and to provide them with peace of mind and security.
We offer clear, simple and effective solutions that are suitable to the client’s specific needs. We invest a great amount of thought, creativity and planning, we think how things “can be” done and simplify things from the legal language to make it easier for the client to understand and choose the option most suitable for him.
Among our clients are leading businesses and companies from various fields of commerce and industry: internet companies and projects; commercial companies acting in a highly competitive environment; businesses relying on the use of intellectual property rights; entrepreneurs, artists, inventors and creators; private individuals;

Adv. Talia Berner Kremer

Adv. Talia Berner Kremer is a member of the Israel Bar Association since 1998.

Adv. Berner Kremer accompanies businesses and companies from the stage of their establishment and throughout their current activity, handling real estate and land transactions of all kinds, including wills related to inheritance lands (Nahalot) in Moshavim, representing in disputes related to wills and inheritances, in mediations between relatives, in inter-generational agreements and giving general counselling in the subject. In the past twenty years Adv. Berner Kremer has accompanied hundreds of businesses, families and private individuals in these subjects, and has led them to solutions guaranteeing the protection of their interests and property.

Adv. Berner Kremer has gained wide experience in representation in courts and negotiating in various fields of civil and commercial law, and she is certified on behalf of the Administrator General to verify continuing powers of attorney.

Adv. Berner Kremer holds LL.B. and LL.M. degrees and she is a certified mediator.

Adv. Gabriel Kremer

A member of the Israel Bar Association since 2002.
Adv. Kremer engages in the field of intellectual property with all its branches, the field of internet laws and commercial civil law and has gained wide experience in representation in court in these fields.
Adv. Kremer represents and accompanies businesses, commercial companies and internet projects from the stage of establishment and during their current activity, and settles all the legal issues involved, including protection and enforcement of their intellectual property, regulation of their activity in the e-commerce and internet arena, handling opposite international internet bodies (Google, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube) and managing set of agreements required to them.
Adv. Kremer holds an LL.B. degree from Tel-Aviv University (2001).