Fields of activity

Our Office’s services include three main fields:

  1. Establishing and accompanying businesses and projects from the stage of establishment and incorporation and during current operation, and including:
  • Drafting the founding and establishment documents
  • Protecting intellectual property and turning it into a commercial advantage
  • Drafting commercial agreements (distribution, commercialization of rights, use licenses, franchise, supplier-client, manufacturer-client, confidentiality, and more)
  • Arranging the activity in the internet arena (securing a domain name, e-commerce, terms of use, privacy policy)
  • Handling opposite international internet bodies (Google, Amazon, FaceBook, YouTube)
  • Conducting preliminary legal examinations
  1. Representation in courts of all instances in the following subjects:
  • Intellectual property – copyrights, patents and inventions, trademarks, models, commercial wrongs, trade secrets, unfair competition
  • Disputes between partners and shareholders, and struggles for control in corporations
  • Violations in the internet arena
  • Contractual claims (supplier-client, distribution, use license, franchise and so on)
  • Libel suits

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  1. Transactions in real estate, wills and inheritances

Court representation

Our office has wide experience in handling hundreds of legal proceedings in all judicial instances in Israel, in arbitrations, mediations and proceedings before the Registrar of Patents, Models and Trademarks. Representation is given in complicated and large scale cases and in various fields of civil and commercial law and intellectual property, including parallel import, copyrights, patents and inventions, trademarks, models, trade secrets, unfair competition, struggles for control in corporations, suits opposite suppliers and distributors, claims regarding franchise agreements, disputes between partners and shareholders, claims regarding issues of internet, contractual and financial claims, libel and more.

Examples of subjects our office handled:

  • Obtaining an injunction and compensations for violations of intellectual property rights in e-commerce internet sites in Israel and abroad;
  • Libel – issuing an injunction against the mentioning of a brand name in television investigations program;
  • Representing in disputes over ownership of inventions and other intellectual property assets;
  • Representing partners and shareholders in struggles for control in corporations;
  • Representing entrepreneurs in disputes over rights in internet projects;
  • Representing distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, importers, licensees, and other holders of rights in contractual disputes;
  • Protecting brands in the food industry;
  • Handling suits in the subject of parallel import;
  • Suits between franchise chains and franchisees;
  • Preventing copying of contents in internet sites;
  • Protecting musical works;
  • Handling consumer claims;
  • Handling the taking over of domain names;
  • Protecting a business from identity theft;
  • Preventing distribution of imitations of products in various fields of commerce;
  • Deterring claims filed against importers for imitations;
  • Protecting creators against claims of plagiarism;
  • Protecting moral rights;
  • Representing a chain of restaurants in a dispute over a trade name;
  • Representing artists against production and broadcasting bodies;
  • Representing internet sites against claims of violations in trailer clips;

Intellectual property and Internet

Every business uses intellectual property assets. Your business too.

The talent to create, invent new things, develop unique knowledge, be original, build a brand – is not obvious, and may provide huge commercial advantage if you protect the intellectual properties created as a result.

A strong business is a business that is aware of intellectual property it uses, develops it and protects it.


Do you know what intellectual property your business uses?

Does your business protect its intellectual property and secures ownership of it?

Is your business subject to suits consequent upon violation of intellectual property rights of others?

In a world of modern commerce, every successful business must be alert and legally settle issues of intellectual property, e-commerce, engagements with clients and suppliers abroad, terms of use of internet sites, protection of privacy, libel, dealing with unfair competition, data protection, Google search words, rules of use of Facebook and YouTube and so on.

Our services include, among other things, the establishment of internet projects and arrangement of their commercial activity, representation in violation claims and in proceedings before the Registrar of Patents, Models and Trademarks, registration of rights in Israel and abroad, negotiating and drafting agreements, providing legal opinions and more.

With our legal accompaniment will enable you to: secure your ownership of intellectual property assets; exhaust the economic potential of your intellectual property; secure a strong protection of intellectual property assets; broaden and increase the extent of your intellectual property assets and your protection of them; deter competitors from committing violations and prevent the actual occurrence of violations; reduce exposure to violation suits and hold back claims of violation; prevent competitors from unlawfully winning intellectual property rights; remove unlawfully registered intellectual property rights;